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transfers, accommodation, security.
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Personal security, personal driver, hotel bookings, transfers, guided tours - all of thesecan be supplied to you by the "Umbrella Safe Ltd." company. Reliable, of premium quality,confidential, comfortable and efficient service. The company can also provide protection for your family, your business, your home, escort you to business meetings, negotiations, parties and presentations and if required accompany you on your trips abroad. All our employeesare licensed in the UK, have been rigorously trained and certified, are in excellent physicaland mental shape that facilitate prompt and professional solutions for reducing or totally eliminating the risks.

We provide both, a temporaryprotection by the driver and around the clockprotection by a bodyguard for any stretch of time. We also supply English-speakingbodyguards and drivers. Your safety is our job!

Your personal driver will meet youanywhere upon you request. We shall provide you with VIP transfers across the UK, to Oxford, Cambridge, Dover, Brighton, airports, to any of your desired locations. Your personaldriver will take care that your children are delivered to school on time and you're not late for any appointments.

Should you plan to visit an event in London, i.e. musical show, theater, party, restaurant - we shall book your hotel,purchase VIP tickets for your events.